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Dresden Chess Association

The Dresden Chess Association e.V. is the head organization of all chess clubs in Dresden. Belonging to it are
  • 5 incorporated chess clubs (SV Dresden-Striesen 1990 e. V., SV Dresden-Leuben e. V., Schachklub Heidenau e. V. and the two organizing clubs ZMD-Schachfestival e.V. and Ran ans Brett e.V.)
  • 6 chess divisions of sports associations (USV TU Dresden, SG Grün-Weiß Dresden, SV TUR Dresden, SG Kesselsdorf , SV Bannewitz and the Sports Association for deaf people Dresden
  • 2 social clubs of others judicial status (BSW Lokomotive Dresden  (in-firm social institution of the DB-AG) and the Senior's Club Dresden (belonging to the Volkssolidarität e. V.)
The chess school Meng has an advisory vote.

The Dresden Chess Association is due to his membership in the Saxon Chess Association also member of the German Chess Federation. Therefore, all its members have to right to participate in supraregional and German championships. The Dresden Chess Association represents the interests and rights of its membes outwards and towards the German Chess Federation.

In its own responsibility and competence the association organizes championships and tournaments in the city of Dresden for all age groups. They are realized as team or individual tournaments for Blitz, rapid and regular chess. All tournaments are not regionally limited but do always allow the participations of chess friends from all over the world.

A special relevancy in the Dresden Chess Association has popular chess (as opposed to professional chess). There is an intense cooperation with schools in Dresden to promote family chess. But there are, in addition, the chess hike - an annual combination of hiking and playing chess with the Dresden "Wanderfreunde". Since several years there has also been developing a unique chess tournament in the penal institution in Dresden. Twice a year tournaments are organized there. Furthermore, a team of the institution is competing in the city league with great success.

Always appreciated and gladly welcomed are the three tournaments in the project "chess with disabled" which thanks to its support by the Ostsächsischen Sparkasse can now record participants from all over the country. The project  annually organizes championships for deaf, physically disabled and families. The latter have the feature that a disabled person can build a "family" with any optional chess player.

More information may be obtained at zu finden.

Frank Schulze
-President Dresden Chess Association -